I know, I know. I just reread blog post number 3. I may need to take a little responsibility here for missing the flight.


Sick day

Yesterday I went on a wonderful exploration of the uninhabited lower half of the island on a zodiac speedboat with 5 other people. The sky was clear, the sea was bouncy, the coves and inlets beautiful. And then I got sunstroke and keeled over. So I was left laying under a tree while the others explored the forest and an ancient Haida village.
I was still more than three hours worth of speedboat, 4×4 and fishing boat away from home! It was a looong day – so no pictures.
Note: that was the first time I wasn’t scared of bears. I thought if one could just eat me now, that might be a good thing.

Halibut feet

Not much to account for Sunday, except it was an elongated kind of day and when I finally got to Ashby House, I was quite frazzled and my suitcase was twice as heavy as when I set off at 6am.  I offered to leave it outside on the sidewalk (see, Canadian lingo) but the nice man carried it up the steps. Oh, and I forgot to pay on the bus – I was so pleased to have wrestled my case up on to it, I didnt think about paying.

There is a dog here with a haircut that makes him look like a hovercraft – will try and take a pic before I leave.

After breakfast I realised – I’m IN VANCOUVER! In short: its hot, I’ve drunk too much coffee, there are a lot of junkies, I saw a dog wearing tiny trainers and watched seaplanes land in by the seawall.
Met a lovely woman working at the Bill Reid North West Coast Art Gallery (Haida art) who talked to me for ages. She was amazed I was going to Haida Gwaii (as is everyone – including immigration, especially on public transport. Seems like its a bit of a mythical place that most Canadians dont even manage to visit) and spent ages telling me about her people, her cousins on the island, art, stories, talking to trees, history and culture. She said a feature of her heritage was ‘halibut feet’ – feet so wide everyone wears German sandals. And then looked down at my Birkenstocks….

This is my B and B for two nights, and view from my bedroom window. Its deceptive, as though there are patches of wild flowers everywhere in the streets and tiny water features, its also nestled amongst tower blocks and busy roads.



Vital travel equipment

OK, this post ( being done in the middle of my packing) is partly to test my ability to do a post on my phone, and partly to showcase two lovely gifts I received for my trip this week.
A book ‘Wild’ from Sian as my reading material (I am keeping the ribbon as a bookmark) and a badge made by Lin of a Victorian lady dressed how Victorians imagined we would dress in the 21st Century. Thank you, ladies!


Planes, trains and boats

After much researching and planning on spreadsheets, the route is now finalised and mostly booked!

One flight – very long, possibly bumpy. Check

Two overnight ferries; one with comfy cabin and window, one economy without cabin and a plan to kip in a chair. Or look out for whales. Check

One train journey; 3 and a half days, 2 overnight stops in hotels, one economy kip in my seat. Or look out for wolves. Check

Ahh, I love my spreadsheet. I’m going to miss it once this is all sorted.