I’ve lost my heart to the Haida Watchmen (and women)

These posts are all a little delayed and out of synch. Thats part of the joy of being on boats and trains in remote places.

So, back to Gwaii Haanas, the national park/biosphere that forms the lower half of Haida Gwaii. Before I keeled over and lay under a tree getting gently nibbled by an array of blood sucking beasties, I was paying attention to the guide and boat driver (captain?). The Haida people have fought for decades to preserve their land and it’s environment. They fought the loggers to stop removing centuries old trees, they fought to protect it with park status and now they are fighting the oil companies.
To protect the land from theft of ancient artefacts or damage to the environment, Haida Watchmen (and women) are posted throughout in cabins and live there in frugal (though beautiful) surroundings. In the 1960’s, before national park status, there were a number of thefts of ancient totem poles and carvings. The Haida Watchman goes way back in cultural history and legends and today also helps the Haida maintain a claim to the land with continual usage.

The Haida – and all of the Canadian inhabitants of the island – are passionate about the environment. They see how their culture and the natural world cannot be separated. When I was planning to come here, I thought it was great as it had two areas of personal interest; natural beauty and wilderness and art/culture. It took me a couple of days to realise that these were completely entwined and, ultimately, all part of the same whole.



This last picture is taken from the ferry on my last morning.


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